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21 de junho de 2011 / rafaelti

Entrepreneurism, a matter of life or death

In a capitalist world that is moved by money, companies entrepreneurs are the main responsible for make money. It means that the capitalist system is on those people’s hands. We all need entrepreneurs to keep our lives toward improvement.

Entrepreneurism isn’t a highly encouraged subject in Brazil so where are we going? Who wants that the Brazil stay at same state? Brazil is one of the biggest player in worldwide and our education doesn’t teach us how to be an entrepreneur. I heard many histories about people that with a few resources made an empire, let’s give a few resources to everyone and see the magic happening.

Definitely we need more entrepreneurs in Brazil and It´s a matter of life or death.


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  1. Juan Bernabó / jun 27 2011 23:04


  2. sebastian / jun 29 2011 20:46

    I would say we need more better entrepreneurs. Not only in Brazil but everywhere. Otherwise people start to use their country as an excuse to do shitty products or just stay in the comfort zone missing the opportunity to create something needed by the rest of us.


  1. Achieving better level with fail « Rafael TI e empreendendo

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