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28 de junho de 2011 / rafaelti

Evolution of the job market and creativity

Often companies have been hiring employee like machine. In the past when robots didn’t exist was necessary to hire people to make repeatable functions such as production line. Workers at production line have to got physical strength and they didn’t need creativity,  so it was job that a machine could do.

After the industrial revolution people were replaced by machines. Machines, are faster and tireless. Those machines must need someone to manager them, machine doesn’t do anything by themselves. People that figured out how to improve the work of a machine are very expensive in the job market.People’s hat at companies nowadays are: managing machines, computers, robots, creativity is a differential because the hard work is done by machines.

However why do some CEO insist to hire people like machines? They can’t see that creativity is the difference between him and other companies. Machines can be bought by some Dollars, but for a great employee you must conquest him. Today what matters is creativity, that’s a differential. You must be creative.


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  1. Renato Pedrosa / jun 29 2011 16:33

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Mario Junior / jun 29 2011 16:44

    Bringing your text to ‘development world’, i can say that many companies thinks that persons are irreplaceable. They are correct when is easy replace people, but forgot just is not a person, but is a mind and “minds” don’t are equals and that’s it irreplaceable yet.

  3. sebastian / jun 29 2011 20:43

    There is a great book on this subject: “A Whole New Mind” by Daniel Pink.

    He basically says that we’ve entered in the Conceptual Era, that’s why creativity will become less undervalued.

    Here is my review of that book:

    • rafaelti / jun 30 2011 9:44

      Thank you for your contribution!
      Keep inspired!


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