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7 de julho de 2011 / rafaelti

The greatest myth, overnight success

Hollywood, the dream’s factory, has been making too much movies about overnight success. I have seen movies telling stories about Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and other personalities who made an extreme success in a short time. I also see some people who, excited, try to follow the same path and fail. Cinema has the power to convince someone.

What it is not explained, it’s that in movies there is a duration of about 2 hours and the director doesn’t put the whole life of the character. To make the movie more interesting is to put something that have never existed, like party all night long. Those people in the movies are overnighters success in real life they are tough workers. Some people had been working hard in their project until reach the success.

You can’t lie to yourself. Overnight success doesn’t exist and those movies are made to make money. Those stories aren’t completely real. If you want to make success, you will work hard then in the end it appears an overnight success.


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  1. sebastian / jul 7 2011 11:41

    Actually the only ones that will perceive it as an overnight success are people that barely know the guys behind the thing.

    The ones who built something great feel the pain of solving innumerable problems so the thing gets done. To make things worse (more biased about this perception) is that when you are in pain, time seems to go slower.

    And unfortunately, probably none will care about your pain. Never take it personal, they just have to pay attention to their pain.

  2. rafaelti / jul 7 2011 12:05

    Great point of view!

  3. Cristian Göhl / jul 7 2011 17:27

    in the end it appears an overnight success.


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