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15 de julho de 2011 / rafaelti

Achieving better level with fail

It’s a fact that the highest fear of somebody is to be blamed on something. Often in the companies when a fault happens,  starts the process to find out a responsible for that. It’s very common. Everybody is afraid of mistakes. I figured out that CEO or managers think that mistakes are bad things.

Making new mistake is something awesome because you will learn some that you never forget. Where are we?  Why are new mistakes bad?  If you don’t miss it then you are not trying, if you don’t try then you will never reach something new. It’s simple! Creativity is fed by mistakes.

Let’s start a more creative country than now, let’s correct the mistakes and not punishing the person. Let’s publish the mistakes without fear, so nobody will make the same mistake. Just do it.


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  1. sebastian / jul 15 2011 15:21

    Well.. mistakes are bad things by definition so is actually okay not trying to inflate its value.

    But what you say about learning from them is okay too.

    The challenge is in removing the social stigma of the failure. And to un-stigmatize you have to do two things:
    1. fail safely (low costly)
    2. neutralize damage (which is pretty much the same than 1 only for non-monetary costs)

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