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26 de julho de 2011 / rafaelti

Working with lonely wolves, geniuses

One thing that everyone knows is the dedication in the work is a way to conquer a better life. Many people try hard but they don’t get what they want, however ohter people ca do it easier,  those differences make some people to be geniuses. In each branch there are some geniuses then, waht do they have? Does the job market really want genius to work?

At companies, are the best in everything? Maybe don’t. They learn everything so easier that they can’t understand a bit of doubt of other people. They treat other person with assurance that makes that person feels bad, in many times the person will be stressed about the pressure and will be sick. A typical case is Dr. House, he is a genius and leader of team, they don’t like him and sometimes they hate him at all.

It is as clear as crystal that geniuses, in many times aren’t the best choice to lead. They are like lonely wolves, they are more efficient acting lonely. It is a valid reason that their mind work in another level, but what pass in their mind? Why do they act that way?


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