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29 de agosto de 2011 / rafaelti

syndrome of hero faded when the evil win

It’s a known fact that the media always exaggerate some part of stories about problems that occurred. Whenever some bad happens, all media are focused only in the worst part, they are focused in the criminal, tragedy,  death, etc. Do people really want to see those bad things? I don’t know, because when we don’t have a choice the media can control us.

A thing that doesn’t leave my mind is the motive for our heroes don’t appear on media. Why do we, at least, broadcast a good things? When a bad thing happens let’s seek for the heroes of the story and show how they act at extreme situation and how they had been created. It’s necessary to improve the heroes of stories and teach us how to make a hero.

It’s simple, all media show only the worst thing and forget the good thing. Let’s give the credit for our heroes and let’s remember of bad things only to us don’t repeat it again. Let’s be different, just do it.


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