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7 de outubro de 2011 / rafaelti

when everybody win, think win win

It’s very common people who want take advantage of other people and they don’t matter whether other people will feel aggrieved. Almost negotiation which I saw, I figure out those people don’t worry about long-term, only they want is one more sell, favor or whatever. Otherwise if they were fair people, what will it happen?

I can’t understand how everybody can’t win on negotiation. When you are on negotiation, because  you have something who other person want and vice versa. So you must convince such person to something, in this moment why aren’t some people honest? I believe that honest well say that can help you in any situation. If you always say the truth maybe you won’t be the best seller but I’m sure who you will be loyal customer.

It’s easy to practice, you must try to understand your customer and look for the best way to finish the negotiation. Let’s be different, just do it.


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