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26 de outubro de 2011 / rafaelti

Try to understand and let the synergy flow

I have many examples of weird behavior. Some people talk to you the way you would fool. Those people always have an answer about everything and never let you finish the question. Once, before I finished the question, the person had answered me. I wondered, how does he answer me whether he didn’t understand me? It’s a common situation in our lives.

I propose a different way to face these situations. I propose a self-training of hearing. Each person who looks for you to talk about, you will hear it and you will ask what you are understanding to assure what the person want. You need too much effort, the why of this is just we were a child we are training to be an advisor. That’s why we like to advise and we don’t like to hear.

It’s a tough reeducation. I try to do that with my children and my wife. I confess, but that’s only way to you understand what’s happen around you. Let’s be different, just do it.


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