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10 de janeiro de 2012 / rafaelti

keep your production capability up and it doesn’t kill your goose with gold egg

It’s a fact in world there is the law action and reaction, for every action there is a reaction. Following the same line for every production there is a production capability. You supposed to keep your routine to have your achieve. Sometimes we must work more to have more production however, that’s an unnatural situation we can’t keep it. Our goose with gold egg is laying eggs for us, we can’t force our goose too much.

Often I see some people who have the respect and reach position at companies faster. Whenever any situation those people start to pressure to another one, they are goose killers. Other people who work with goose killer, they start feel sick. Goose killers don’t care with others, only thing which they want is the production, then they pick the knife and kill the goose to get all the gold eggs. But the problem there is no eggs, the eggs are produced day-to-day, in other words, people don’t work with goose killers.

Please calm down and respect your production capability. If we keep our production up, we always will get our gold egg. Are you killing your goose?


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