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26 de março de 2012 / rafaelti

Don’t sell what you don’t buy

It’s known fact that people like to willing with everything what give them some bucks. Some people when hear “money” and “to do” both in same phase, they don’t waste a minute and say “yes!”. It doesn’t matter what it will do or if it can do the job, only thing they are thinking about money.

You can lose many things when you don’t think about where you are going. You must be ethic in your decisions that is why you will be depply willing with your goals. You can’t sell your soul to Devil. First step must write your principles about everything, after calmly read and see if you are able to be willing with. Every time that you fell insecure about something, read again your principles.

Lets’s do everything with passion, instead of money. You got the change to be different and to do something different. If you to do everything with ethic, you will sleep much better. Let’s be different, just do it.


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